Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bear Wishes

We have a good friend that has retired from the California Alumni Association, and his upcoming party is on Friday.  I wanted to make a special card just for him, so this is what I came up with.
I found the words that I put on the card a long time ago, but just haven't had the right time to use them until now.  It reads:
Advice from a
Climb beyond your limitiations
When life gets hairy, grin and bear it
Eat well
Live with the seasons
Take a good long nap
Look after your honey!
Cute poem by Ilan Shamir.

I used plain white card stock which I cut into a 6.5" x 10" card.  I then figured out where the approximate middle of the card was and then ran it through my printer to add the poem to the front.  Then I ran the card through my Cricut using the "camp out" cartridge and cut a bear "shadow" out of the front of the card directly below the poem.  This was a little tricky getting things to line up, but I think it is pretty good.  I then cut out a light brown bear "shadow" and then another bear "original," which game it the cut outs for the bottom bear to show through.  I then figured out how to mount the brown bear so that it shows through the cut out bear hole on the front.  Something new to try, haven't done this before, but I think for this particular card it came out pretty darn good.
For the envelope I didn't want to have a white envelope, so I made an envelope out of blue card stock.  I then glued to the front the white bear that I had cut out of my card, and then wrote with a gold pen, our friend's name on the front of the envelope.  Go Bears!

Make A Wish!

Make a wish, what better way to wish someone a happy birthday.  I purchased the "wish" paper quite awhile ago, thinking that one of these days I would make a card with it.  I saw a card online that had added the candle, and I thought what a cute idea to complete my card.

Plain white card, a piece of red cardstock down the one side, the "wish" paper, which I chalked in red.  I then added the black oval, and the white oval (chalked in red), which I cut using the "George and Basics" Cricut cartridge.  Add your "Make a Wish" and then attach your candle and a bow.  I chalked the rest of the card in black.