Saturday, August 20, 2011


Getting ready for Jenna's (just like another one of our kids) Bridal Shower tomorrow. One of her colors happens to be plum, which of course, I didn't have plum paper, however, I did have purple, so went with this color scheme (close enough) for her card.

The base is just a plain white card.  I cut a piece of white paper, used fancy scissors for the edge and then chalked it with purple.  Then I added the cute lavendar gigham paper on the top and the darker purple paper on the bottom, both of which came from JoAnn Fabrics topping it off with some ribbon that I have had (white with silver linking hearts).  Attached it all to the front of the card then added the embelishments, flowers with rhinestones (Paradise Scrapbook Store), diamond ring sticker and big white "J" for Jenna.

Can't let the envelope be a plain Jane, so I added the corresponding purple paper from the card to the back outside of the envelope, cut the fancy edge with the same scissors I used for the card.  Use my purple caligraphy marker and wrote "Jenna," and then added a fancy little flower sticker.  Tomorrow's the big day, can't wait to see all the nice things she and her soon to be hubby are going to get.

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